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Fuck you, you pussy. Say that to my face

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I usually get a lot of people asking me to follow them, but if you don’t use tags I’m like??? If I like a blog, I want to be able to look stuff up. How can you have a blog on tumblr and not use tags? Do you just never look back on your blog? Like ever? (-_- )ノ


nicky sketchhhh

I totally get where you're coming from–your response to a anon's ignorant question–but Golden Girls was a show about women, for women not centered around a man. Let us not forget! ;)

Hell yes, I do not mean to take away from shows that have blazed a trail for women in television. Trust me, I love Golden Girls.


The New Kardashians

laysbein answered your post: You know what sucks?

The fact that rich americans would rather people starve than up the minimum wage?

dreaxmers answered your post: You know what sucks?

Realizing everything; everyone, everywhere, eventually has to end.

Oooh so close, but the right answer was


You know what sucks?

do you see that www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=XZtZY5qHq2c

Omfg wow. What a sensible way to spend money, because god forbid inmates will ever have anything of value in prison ever.

Happy 30th birthday Taylor Schilling! (July 27, 1984)


Taylor Schilling - Live with Kelly and Michael